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    Wood dyeing tank
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    Wood dyeing tank

    Name:Wood dyeing tank


    Zhucheng Luguantong mechanical co., LTD. All qualified, advanced equipment, strong technical force, complete detection means, be engaged in a, the second class pressure vessel design development and production of manufacturing, according to the requirements of users to provide practical and economical equipment design, anticorrosion (flame retardant) equipment factory design, environmental design and safety design. It is a modern new enterprise with design, manufacturing, after-sales service and technical support. Leading products professional wood preservation tank series: wood preservation equipment, sterilization equipment for wood, wood impregnated pot, wood processing, wood flame retardant equipment, wood, wood cooking equipment, wood dyeing equipment; Other equipment and accessories: vacuum device, pressurizer, storage tank, mixer, material truck. The company has mature technology, advanced equipment, strict management, dedicated staff, strong domestic and international well-known cooperation manufacturers.

    The company has five senior engineers, nine engineers and 26 technicians. All the equipment is designed according to the requirements of the customer's products, and the technical and technological requirements of different products are met. All the staff of the company are willing to cooperate with new and old friends with excellent products, excellent quality and good service.

    Wood dyeing is the most effective processing technology of high-end rosewood furniture, ornaments and hanging pieces.

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