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    Wood carbonation tan
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    Wood carbonation tank

    Name:Wood carbonation tank


    The advantages of deep carbonized wood; It's completely natural and green. The deep carbonized wood is made from natural wood, the production process does not add any harmful chemical agents, nor produces any environmental pollution problem, it is the real green building materials. Safe and durable, antiseptic and anti-insect. Depth of charring wood because of its nutrients are destroyed, blocking the foxy necessary nutrition chain, make its have anticorrosive anti-insect function, can prolong the service life of wood, accord with a country's sustainable development policy; There is no toxic waste after use. It is not warped and stable in size. Depth of charring wood because of its water/wet functional hemicellulose was restructuring, to improve the performance of wood use larger by, such as water imbibition descent/hygroscopic swelling/dimensional stability, so almost not deformation, not cracking, carbonized wood dimensional stability.  degreasing is good for paint, modification is good for processing. Deep carbonized wood processing properties, overcoming the malady of the surface of the product; Because of complete degreasing, the paint coating is convenient not to fall off. Beautiful colour, tonal adjustable. The color of deep carbonized wood is consistent, the soft silk is bright, the texture becomes clearer and the hand feels warm.  

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